Strategic Marketing

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Teaching language: English
EKA: H750000402
Assessment: Second examiner: None
Grading: 7-point grading scale
Offered in: Soenderborg
Offered in: Autumn
Level: Master

Course ID: H750000401
ECTS value: 5

Date of Approval: 22-03-2018

Duration: 1 semester

Version: Archive

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Strategic Marketing

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2 hours per week

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Susanne Gretzinger

Overall description learning objectives

The outcomes are implemented in the course’s various working methods, where the acquired knowledge is applied and the skills are practised. The method of assessment reflects possible methods of application of both the knowledge and skills in a professional context.

Learnings objectives - Knowledge

The student must have knowledge of:
  • the phases that a consumer goes through when buying goods and brands (consumer and buying behaviour)
  • the types of information that are necessary to make appropriate marketing decisions
  • the methods that are most appropriate for collecting information about buying behaviour, both on B2B and B2C markets
  • the application of concepts, models and theories for solving strategic marketing issues

Learning objectives - Skills

The student must have acquired the following skills:

•An understanding of the line of thought behind STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning)

•An understanding of the meaning of ’Customer Value’

•An understanding of how description, analysis and assessment can be applied to develop effective marketing strategies for the company  

Learning objectives - Competences

The student must have acquired the following competences:
•The ability to argue and debate for the use of the most relevant ‘consumer behaviour’ theories when developing an effective marketing strategy 
•The ability to evaluate various alternative marketing strategies
•The ability to argue for choosing the most effective marketing strategy in a given case situation 


An understanding of consumer and customer buying behaviour is the basis for developing a relevant strategic marketing plan. Strategic marketing is therefore a question of being able to identify and address strategic issues, so that complex organisations may be managed in volatile environments involving challenges and threats. The aim of the course is therefore to provide students with a knowledge of concepts, theories and methods within ‘consumer/customer behaviour’ to enable them to identify, analyse, select and implement marketing strategies in an international environment.

  • Decision making in connection with ‘consumer/customer behaviour'
  • Customer value 
  • The influence family, reference groups and culture have on ‘consumer/customer behaviour'
  • Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP)
  • The concept of strategy and strategic marketing planning
  • Analysis of surroundings, including customer and competitor analyses
  • Business analyses, including portfolio analyses
  • Types of strategy in different types of market
  • Generating strategies based on different assumptions
  • Criteria for the choice of strategy
  • Choice of Product, Price, Distribution and Communication Strategy
  • Strategy implementation and revision of strategy
  • The internationalisation process and strategies in different international markets 

Forms of instruction and work

Lectures in English, case discussions and group work. Teaching is organised so as to support the humanities model for active learning and activational teaching as described in Section 8. At the start of the course, the teacher will inform students of how the study activities are organised. 

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The syllabus will be announced during the course. 

Examination regulations

Exam Regulations


Exam Regulations


In the Exam period at the End of the Semester.








Individual written examination under supervision 

Form of examination

Written in situ exam


Second examiner: None


7-point grading scale


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2 hours

Examination aids

All examination aids are permitted

Assignment Release

The Exam Questions will be handed out (paper version) in the exam room.

Assignment Submission

The assignment must be uploaded to SDU´s e-learning portal

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Additional information

With due regard to the written method of assessment and the level of the MSc in the first semester, importance is attached to the degree to which students’ performances fulfil the learning outcomes and the degree to which students achieve the general skills objectives set out in Section 2. 
Marks are awarded in accordance with the degree to which the learning outcomes described have been fulfilled as stated in the Ministerial Order on Marking. 

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Be aware! Re-Exam will be held in June.

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