IADM805: Individual Project in Computer Science

Study Board of Science

Teaching language: Danish or English depending on the teacher, but English if international students are enrolled
EKA: N340010102
Censorship: Second examiner: External
Grading: 7-point grading scale
Offered in: Odense
Offered in: Autumn, Spring
Level: Master

STADS ID (UVA): N340010101
ECTS value: 10

Date of Approval: 30-04-2018

Duration: 1 semester

Version: Approved - active


15017941(former UVA) is identical with this course description. 

A supervisor contract and project statement must be handed in.
Submission is conducted electronically via spoc.sdu.dk/form/1305/submit. Submission must take place no later than 1 week after the semester has started, but it is recommended, that it is handed in as soon as possible. The contract must be approved by supervisor, teaching committee and the head of studies, before the project is started.

Be aware that it is not possible to fill in the form after deadline of submission, since the application system will shut down. The system will reopen in connection with the next course registration, then you can fill out the form for the next semester.

The student must develop the contents of the project in cooperation with an advisor from IMADA.

Entry requirements


Academic preconditions

Knowledge of computer science corresponding to the first year of the computer science programme. An agreement with an advisor must be in place before sign-up.

Course introduction

The purpose of the project is to allow the student to delve into a subject/scientific problem within computer science. The student finds and chooses relevant methods and literature in cooperation with the advisor.

Expected learning outcome

The student will be able to:
  • Define a scientific problem, in cooperation with an advisor.
  • Independently acquaint him/herself with an advanced subject within Computer Science.
  • Communicate results from an advanced subject within Computer Science in a clear and structured manner.


An individual project in a subject/scientific problem within computer science.


There isn't any litterature for the course at the moment. 

Examination regulations

Exam element a)


Deadlines ordinary exam: 
Projects carried out in the autumn semester must be handed in no later than 31. January. 
Projects carried out in the spring semester must be handed in no later than 31. Juli. 

Deadlines reexam:
Deadline for handing in projects in the reexam period for winter examination is 1 march at the latest. 
Deadline for handing in projects in the reexam period for summer examination is 31 august.






Second examiner: External


7-point grading scale


Full name and SDU username


Normally, the same as teaching language

Examination aids

To be announced during the course

ECTS value


Additional information

The course is evaluated with a project assignment. The student will be assessed on the basis of a written report describing the results of the research project. The assessment is done by external censorship.

Indicative number of lessons

250 hours per semester

Teaching Method

Project work.
10 ECTS equals a workload of approximately 250 hours.


08 - 09
09 - 10
10 - 11
11 - 12
12 - 13
13 - 14
14 - 15
15 - 16
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Administrative Unit

Institut for Matematik og Datalogi (datalogi)

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