FY820: Computational statistical physics

Study Board of Science

Teaching language: Danish, but English if international students are enrolled
EKA: N510024102
Censorship: Second examiner: Internal
Grading: 7-point grading scale
Offered in: Odense
Offered in: Spring
Level: Master

STADS ID (UVA): N510024101
ECTS value: 5

Date of Approval: 24-10-2018

Duration: 1 semester

Version: Approved - active


07012601(former UVA) is identical with this course description. 
If there are fewer than 12 students enrolled, the course may. be held with another teaching form. 
Cancelled spring 2019

Entry requirements

A Bachelor’s degree in physics.

Academic preconditions

Students taking the course are expected to: Have knowledge of statistical physics.

Course introduction

The aim of the course is to enable the student to efficiently use
computational techniques to investigate statistical mechanical models.
This is important to describe physical problem and to solve practical
problems of engineering relevance.

The course builds on the knowledge
acquired in the courses FY509 ( or FY523 and FY524) and FY802, and provides a foundation for
thesis projects in statistical physics of complex systems. 

In relation to the competence profile of the degree it is the explicit focus of the course to:

  • Give the competence to model certain physical phenomena.
  • Give programming skills.
  • Give knowledge and understanding of the phenomenology of complex systems.

Expected learning outcome

The learning objectives of the course is that the student demonstrates the ability to:

  • Use and modify other’s computer codes and write own codes.
  • Use statistics to test model hypotheses.
  • Visualize data.


The following main topics are contained in the course:

  • Kinetic Monte Carlo methods.
  • Molecular Dynamics.


See Blackboard for syllabus lists and additional literature references.

Examination regulations

Exam element a)




Oral exam based on written report




Second examiner: Internal


7-point grading scale


Student Identification Card


Normally, the same as teaching language

Examination aids

To be announced during the course

ECTS value


Additional information

The examination form for re-examination may be different from the exam form at the regular exam.

Indicative number of lessons

45 hours per semester

Teaching Method

At the faculty of science, teaching is organized after the three-phase model ie. intro, training and study phase.

Activities during the studyphase.
  • project work 30. Students work in small groups. The final report describes the result of their work.
  • Report writing 6. The students can get feed-back and guidance.

Teacher responsible

Name E-mail Department
Paolo Sibani paolo.sibani@sdu.dk

Additional teachers

Name E-mail Department City
Carsten Svaneborg zqex@sdu.dk


Administrative Unit

Fysik, kemi og Farmaci

Team at Registration & Legality


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