IABB505: Individual study activity in Biology

Study Board of Science

Teaching language: Danish or English depending on the teacher, but English if international students are enrolled
EKA: N100021102
Assessment: Second examiner: Internal
Grading: 7-point grading scale
Offered in: Odense
Offered in: Autumn, Spring
Level: Bachelor

STADS ID (UVA): N100021101
ECTS value: 10

Date of Approval: 23-05-2019

Duration: 1 semester

Version: Archive


04015841 (former UVA) is identical with this course description. 

A supervisor contract and project statement must be submitted. This must take place no later than one week after the semester has started, but it is recommended, that it is submitted as soon as possible after registration.

Fill in and submit: Supervisor contract for students with a major from the Faculty of Science 
Fill in and submit: Supervisor contract for students with a minor from the faculty of science and majored from another faculty

Be aware that it is not possible to fill in the form after deadline of submission, since the application system will shut down. The system will reopen in connection with the next course registration, then you can fill out the form for the next semester.

Entry requirements


Academic preconditions

Students taking the course are expected to have knowledge of the basic principles of scientific argumentation and development of theories in biology, and to have the fundamental biological knowledge that is necessary to access the chosen topic.

Course introduction

The aim of the course is to enable the student to carry out a small research project and to give the student detailed insight to a specific biological topic of the student’s own choice. The student obtains experience in acquiring knowledge within a field, identifying and formulating a scientific problem, and attempting to solve the problem. This contributes broadly to the development of the student’s academic qualifications.

The course builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in previous project-based courses, and it strengthens the scientific foundation for the further study in general, and for the bachelor project in particular.

In relation to the competence profile of the degree it is the explicit focus of the course to:

  • Provide competences to identify own learning needs and structure personal learning.
  • Provide skills in conducting experimental investigations, critically evaluate biological theories, and express, evaluate and solve biological problems.
  • Provide knowledge and understanding of scientific theories, experimental methods, and current research topics in biology, and how these are employed in biological discussions.

Expected learning outcome

The learning objectives of the course are that the student demonstrates the ability to:
  • Create an overview of scientific principles and methods in the field of the topic chosen
  • Analyse and evaluate own scientific results in the perspective of previous research within the area
  • Suggest directions for future research
  • Express oneself in scientific terms


The topic of the course depends on the choice of the student and may lie within any field of biology.


There isn't any litterature for the course at the moment.

Examination regulations

Exam element a)


Deadlines ordinary exam: 
Projects carried out in the autumn semester must be handed in no later than 31. January. 
Projects carried out in the spring semester must be handed in no later than 31. Juli. 

Deadlines reexam:
Deadline for handing in projects in the reexam period for winter examination is 1 march at the latest. 
Deadline for handing in projects in the reexam period for summer examination is 31 august.






Second examiner: Internal


7-point grading scale


Full name and SDU username


Normally, the same as teaching language

Examination aids

To be announced during the course 

ECTS value


Additional information

The course is evaluated with a project assignment. The student will be assessed on the basis of a written report describing the results of the research project.

Indicative number of lessons

10 supervision hours in total

Teaching Method

See Danish version

Teacher responsible

Name E-mail Department
Bo Thamdrup bot@biology.sdu.dk Nordcee


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Administrative Unit

Biologisk Institut

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