Quantum Mechanics 1

Academic Study Board of the Faculty of Engineering

Teaching language: Danish, English
EKA: T460019102
Censorship: Second examiner: Internal
Grading: 7-point grading scale
Offered in: Odense
Offered in: Spring
Level: Bachelor

Course ID: T460019101
ECTS value: 5

Date of Approval: 07-11-2019

Duration: 1 semester

Version: Archive

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Quantum Mechanics 1

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Responsible study board

Academic Study Board of the Faculty of Engineering

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Course Responsible

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Ole Albrektsen oal@mci.sdu.dk SDU Electrical Engineering , Mads Clausen Instituttet
Pia Friis Kristensen piakr@tek.sdu.dk Uddannelsesadministration, Den Tekniske Fakultetsadministration


Name Email Department City
Joel Cox cox@mci.sdu.dk Mads Clausen Instituttet, SDU NanoOptics

Programme Secretary

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Camilla Corvenius Christensen caco@sdu.dk HUMANIORA - Klassisk

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1 semester

Mandatory prerequisites

Three semesters study on Bachelor in Physics and Technology or two years study on Bachelor in Chemical Engineering or similar (including rudiments of linear algebra, complex numbers, calculus including partial derivatives, matrices and conservation laws in classical physics).

Overall learning objectives

The aim of the course is to introduce the students to the basic ideas in quantum mechanics, and provide the student with tools, which the student can apply in simple spectroscopy experiments and understanding of the basics of modern physics and chemistry.

Learning objectives - Knowledge

The student must acquire knowledge on:
  • the basic ideas in quantum mechanics
  • the role of symmetry in physics and chemistry

Learning objectives - Skills

The student must be able to:
  • give a description of the basic quantum mechanical postulates and statements
  • describe the wave formulation of quantum theory
  • describe the matrix formulation of quantum theory
  • describe the quantum theory of time independent and time dependent systems
  • describe qualitatively the internal states of atoms and molecules
  • describe qualitatively spectroscopic processes
  • describe the role of symmetry in physical problems

Learning objectives - Competences

The student must be able to:
  • apply the theory quantitatively to simple model systems in physics and chemistry
  • apply fundamental quantum mechanics to analyse simple atomic spectra of Hydrogen


  • Physical observables, operators and expectation values
  • The Schödinger equation, statistical interpretation of the wavefunction, normalization
  • Quantization of energy
  • Commuting and non-commuting operators, uncertainty principle, linear momentum
  • Simple model systems: the infinite square well, the harmonic oscillator, the finite square well
  • Vector formalism and matrix formulation of quantum mechanics (“wavefunctions as vectors”), Dirac’s Bra and Ket notation
  • Quantum mechanics in three dimensions: angular momentum and the hydrogen atom
  • Perturbation and degenerative perturbation theory

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Teaching Method

Lectures and small theoretical projects. 

Number of lessons

48 hours per semester

Teaching language

Danish, English

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Examination is held

In the end of the semester.








The evaluation is based on:

  • Project reports
  • Oral exam based on one of the project reports and relevant theoretical subjects from the whole syllabus.

The project reports count 20% and the oral exam counts 80% in the overall assessment.

Form of examination

Oral exam


Second examiner: Internal


7-point grading scale


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Danish, English

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Spring 2020 Optional Bachelor (BSc) i teknisk videnskab (kemi og bioteknologi) Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology) | Odense
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