Introduction to Organization

Study Board of BSc in Economics and Business Administration

Teaching language: English
EKA: B220018402
Censorship: Second examiner: None
Grading: 7-point grading scale
Offered in: Soenderborg
Offered in: Autumn
Level: Bachelor

Course ID: B220018401
ECTS value: 5

Date of Approval: 16-03-2023

Duration: 1 semester

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Introduction to Organization

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Study Board of BSc in Economics and Business Administration

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Ingo Winkler International Business & Entrepreneurship (IBE)

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1 semester

Aim and purpose

The course aims to provide basic knowledge about the structure and design of all types of organizations and about leadership and change in organizations. Understanding organizations requires that students acquire skills and competencies to assess and change organizations.


  • The course provides insight into key issues related to organizational structure and design, leadership and change. This includes concepts, theories, models, methods and processes related to:

    • Leadership in Organizations
    • Organizational structure
    • Organizational design / architecture
    • Organizational culture
    • Organizational change
    • Interaction between organizations and their environments

Description of outcome - Knowledge

The students can explain the course’s terms, models, methods, and theories.

Description of outcome - Skills

The students can reflect critically on the validity of concepts, theories and models. They can also apply the course’s models, methods and theories to analyze organizations and develop general recommendations for developing organizational members’ behaviour,

Description of outcome - Competences

The students can suggest solutions for specific organizational problems and challenges. They can also explain the scientific theoretical basis for an investigation and what implications this has for the study of organizations.


David Buchanan & Andrzej Huczynski, Organizational Behaviour, Pearson (latest edition)

Additional literature: notes, cases, articles.

Teaching Method

The course includes lectures to provide students an overview of a range of concepts and theories in the field of Organizational Behaviour. Lectures build on the textbook and additional material, such as videos, articles, and contemporary examples.

The course applies e-learning and self-learning methods to engage students in independent learning activities and to induce the capability of autonomous and life-long learning.

Embedded in the course is a test exam and a number of self-tests offered in ItsLearning. The test exam provides students the chance to familiarize with the form of the final examination, to test their own knowledge, and to apply this knowledge to a specific case. The  self-tests are designed to support the students’ learning process regarding central theories and models.


Scheduled classes:
30 hours lectures per semester.

  • Classroom hours (lectures): 30 hours.
  • Test exam and self-tests (incl. preparation and follow up): 30 hours.
  • Preparation and follow-up: 53 hours.
  • Exam preparation: 20 hours.
  • Exam: 2 hours.
  • Sum: 135 hours.

Examination regulations





Exam: January.
Reexam: February.





Form of examination

Written examination on premises


Second examiner: None


7-point grading scale


Student Identification Card - Exam number




2 hours written exam.


 Page limitation – 6 norm pages (one page 2.400 characters incl. spaces).

Examination aids

All exam aids allowed.
It is not allowed to communicate with others during the exam.

Assignment handover

Digital hand-out via "Digital Exam".

Assignment handin

Only digital submission via "Digital Exam"

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NOTE - This course is identical with the former course(s)
83116301 / Campus Odense: 83116301 Organization (supplementing course)
B220018101 Introduction to Organization

Used examination attempts in the former identical course will be transferred.
Courses that are identical with former courses that are passed according to applied rules cannot be retaken.

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